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Scandal Wow Scandal just had quite the season finale. Ok, we’ve got a lot to discuss and it’s late so I’ve decided to separate it into chunks so it’s a little easier for everyone to read. *SPOILERS*

Sally Langston Man do I like this woman, and I have to say I’m very upset to see that she won’t win the election that I personally thought she deserved to win. I might not agree with any of her policies, but I simply adore what a ballbuster Sally has been for the past 3 seasons. She’s stuck to her guns, and aside from killing her husband, she’s basically been honest with everyone about who and what she is. Hopefully just because she’s not in the White House anymore, that doesn’t mean we won’t get to see more of her in the oncoming seasons.

Huck + Quinn = EW! OH GOD MY EYES! Sadly I will never unsee the horror that was Quinn and Huck banging against the conference table in OPA, no matter how much I wish I could. I have to say that I’m pretty surprised that ABC was able to get away with that, but I guess the 10 pm spot makes it unlikely that little kids are watching. Cutting to the chase, that was gross, and I never want to see it again. On a sidenote, it was nice that Quinn wanted to reunite Huck with his family, but I just don’t CARE! I do not care about Huck’s family and his trauma. That might sound cruel, but the sad truth is that Guillermo Diaz in this role…well…he’s not that good. I hate saying this because he’s a Puerto Rican like me and I loved him in “Weeds,” but he literally has two faces and I’m tired of watching them.

Mellie Grant Finally, Mellie had her moment. Yes, Olivia Pope is the one that told Fitz the truth about what happened between Mellie and Jerry, and finally she wasn’t hiding the part of her life that has weighed on her for most of her marriage. Of course Jerry ended up being hers and Fitz came to apologize to her like he should have episodes ago for how he treated the whole Andrew situation.

Maya Pope IS A BOSS Maya Pope is a straight up gangster! This woman is so badass and I love her. Yes she was accused of killing a child and I wasn’t a fan of that, but I chalk that up to mostly bad writing but aside from that, this woman has been consistently kicking ass and taking names. I adore Maya and I’m glad to see that she didn’t actually kill Jerry since I personally think that she’s too good for all that. I’m also glad to see that Eli didn’t kill her since she’s really too good a character to kill off screen. Though the way she was revealed at the end also raises some questions. Did Eli make sure that she would get out and cause a whole bunch of chaos? He clearly always wanted to hurt Fitz for taking Olivia from him but I think that would be a pretty elaborate scheme, even for “Scandal.”

OH MY GOD THEY KILLED JERRY Jerry_Grant_Jr This is really rubs me the wrong way. They literally brought Jerry onto the show just so they could kill him off. Now writers do this all the time to women on TV shows and we call it ‘Women in Refrigerators’ after an issue of the “Green Lantern” where one of the Lanterns had their girlfriend killed and stuffed in a fridge just to anger him enough to go after the villain that killed her. The point is that Jerry was a character that existed for the sole purpose of dying. I don’t really mind that Eli killed him so much as I hate that Jerry’s character had no other reason to exist aside from to die which screams laziness to me.


Why can’t I have a show based solely around Eli Pope running the world and Maya Pope being a terrorist. Is that so much to ask? Let’s be honest these two were the ones pulling the strings the whole season and Eli is the best string puller of them all. He said he was going to get Olivia on that plane at the beginning of the season and he got her on that plane. I liked the final scene between him and Harrison, and I strongly doubt they’ll kill off Harrison, he’ll probably become a new slave to B613 but at least that will give him something to do. I also really enjoyed how he manipulated everyone to do exactly what he wanted them to do this season. Eli was the winner of this season and I cannot wait to see what he does next!

DING DONG OLITZ IS DEAD! So Olivia flew away to who knows where with Jake and I can’t say I’m upset. The relationship between her and Fitz has been annoying and messy all season so I really could use a break. I prefer Jake to Fitz anyway since he never pretended to be a good guy. I do have to say I was pretty annoyed when Fitz was sitting on the floor in the Oval office whining about how he needs to talk to Olivia to his WIFE! But thankfully Olivia proved she is stronger than I thought and did not answer the phone, because if she had she probably would have come running right back into Fitz’s verbally abusive arms. I hope that she and Jake will be happy wherever they are though, we can be pretty sure that it won’t last through next season.

Final Verdict:  A good episode, not a great one. It ends kind of at a stand still instead of a cliff hanger but that’s not really a bad thing, even though I would have preferred to have the last episode be the finale and then we would all be on the edges of our seats waiting to see what happened to all those people. Anyway it’s been fun writing these reviews each week, but now we all have to wait until next season to see what will happen next. Stay Strong Gladiators!