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The world has never seen and will never again see a talent as great as that of Whitney Houston. The tall and slender little girl from Newark, New Jersey rose through the ranks in the industry to become the standard of what vocal excellence is and will continue to be. she may be the queen now, but as amazing as Beyoncé is, she doesn’t even hold a candle to Whitney Houston in her prime.

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With what would have been her 50th birthday coming up later in the week, August 9, we decided to honor the vocal powerhouse by remembering some of her best live performances. There were plenty to choose from, which means somebody is going to have my head on a silver platter if their favorite live Whitney performance isn’t on here. Either way, reminisce with us about our favorite pop diva, Whitney Houston.

10. “Didn’t We Almost Have It All” Moment of Truth Tour (1987)

“Didn’t We Almost Have It All” is a sweet song about loss and regret, but you let a church-bred singer like Whitney Houston run free on a song like this and watch the sparks fly! Whitney was out here singing so hard she almost sang herself out of that wig!

9. “Greatest Love of All” Nelson Mandela Concert (1988)

Every time someone tries to remind us that Whitney Houston was just a mere singer rather than a singer-songwriter, Houston loyalists bring up this performance. Despite the studio version making us say it, we really had to ask, “George Benson who?” after Whitney Houston got finished putting her stamp all up and through this ballad.

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