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It’s been a while since we’ve heard new music from Keri Hilson, and her absence from the spotlight has triggered rumors of an early retirement or possible pregnancy.

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Miss Keri Baby took to  Twitter  to address the speculation this past weekend, confirming she’s not with child nor done with her music career.

I get how you could THINK you found clues to that conclusion you conjured…but I’m NOT pregnant. Those “clues” are unrelated & exaggerated.

I’m not TAKING a leave of absence, I TOOK a leave of absence. Decided to finally let my fans know that I did indeed step away for a while…

Thought addressing that would help CLEAR some confusion but it created more o_O And you wonder why I choose to be quiet/private these days! I was simply showing appreciation 4 fans who stayed down during a hiatus that I never addressed.

Miss. Keri Baby went on to thank her fans for their support and loyalty during her hiatus.

“Gotta say, #KeriKrew has been so LOYAL!! Thank you! I’ve hidden so many details of my life from public view, so I know there’s confusion,” she wrote. “But plz know that although you may not understand my leave of absence (yes it was my decision), I’ve cherished your love & support!”

“That elephant got too big to keep ignoring,” she said in conclusion. “But wait, it’s still there. Just smaller now.”

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