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The ongoing beef between rivals Chris Brown and Drake was reignited, yesterday, when Drake mentioned Chris Brown in an interview with Elliott Wilson, calling the “Sweet Love” singer out for his insecurities. To make matters, Drake insulted Chris’ music catalog and bragged about Rihanna falling into his lap!

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Chris and Drake were once friends but when rumors that Rihanna and Drake messed around surfaced, Chris and Drake’s industry relationship turned sour. Breezy and Drizzy came to blows, once before, at Club WiP in NYC but #TeamBeautiful has our own version of how their first squabble may have gone…

DISCLAIMER: This is all fiction!

It all started when Drake and Rihanna were playing around on the set of “What’s My name,” like this…

Chris Brown walked in.

And, Drake–feeling himself–responded like this…

Chris Brown, enraged, told Drake to bring it on!

Drake tried to explain…

But, Chris was ready to fight.

Drake looked like this…

But, Chris was riled up and nothing seemed to be stopping him.

A member of Drake’s entourage asked Rihanna:

Rihanna gave him this eye…

Then responded “about here.”

Drake couldn’t find a bottle so he tossed a nearby chair to scare Chris off.

But, Chris Brown dodged it with his fancy footwork.

Soon, no one could stop the boys and everyone just gathered around to watch…

Someone on a cellphone, walking by, stopped and yelled “Worldstar.”

Drake got slapped like this

& Rihanna laughed

Drake said “F**k this” and decided to write a rhyme about it later.

And, that was a wrap!

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