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Rapper/actor LL Cool J has had a tough week. At the top of the week, LL Cool J dropped a song with country singer Brad Paisley called “Accidental Racist.” The song sparked outrage in both the worlds of country and hip-hop. Last night, LL Cool J was a guest on “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno” and tried to explain the intent behind the controversial track.

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Jay Leno didn’t waste any time inquiring about “Accidental Racist” and LL openly admitted the song wasn’t perfect but felt it served its purpose by starting a conversation about race relations in America. Uncle L said he would never ever try to negate the significance of slavery, but there was no possible way to fit 400 years of slavery into a three or four minute song.Apparently, LL Cool J and Brad paisley believe songs like this should be made to help us unload the baggage of slavery and come together as a nation. While their ideas were well-intended, maybe they should’ve executed it in a different way. Check out LL Cool J’s explanation below.


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