Yo Gotti never misses an opportunity to love Angela Simmons out loud!

The "Hot Spot" is particularly spicy today, especially with news that Jennie Nguyen, a star from Bravo's hit reality series 'The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City,' is now unemployed after recently getting exposed for racist behavior online.

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The Memphis rapper joins three others in a partnership group deal, but the terms of the deal are unknown to the public.

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The conditions of a Mississippi prison were so awful that Jay-Z and Yo Gotti joined forces to file a lawsuit on behalf of the inmates housed there. A second lawsuit has been filed, putting pressure on officials at the prison to address the long list of issues and concerns that plague the facility. As reported […]

Yo Gotti was slammed with a $6.6 million judgment after taking an initial $20,000 payout for a feature for a North Carolina artist and then allegedly attempting to pull the artist away from his management team for $150,000.

An exec from Yo Gotti’s Collective Music Group label has pled guilty to spraying a hotel lobby and two vehicles with bullets during CIAA weekend two years ago.

Blac Youngsta talks about connecting with, and getting co-signed by his favorite artist, Yo Gotti.

Young Dolph was shot and according to XXL the rapper is now in critical condition.