White supremacy

The Proud Boys are a far-right, all-male organization with a history of hate and violence.

In short, the document stated that radicalized and armed white extremists present a "most lethal threat" to the United States through next year.

Here's how white supremacy has impacted the Black community since the beginning of time...

Didn't we tell y'all to be mindful of the Ops? An alleged "Antifa" account on Twitter that called for violence during the protests throughout the nation was actually being run by White Supremacists.

You know things are getting bad in America when White people start speaking out against their own. In the aftermath of the horrific neo-Nazi rally in Charlottesville, many White celebs have come forward to condemn White supremacists. Even non-American citizens like Lorde, 20, can see that something is horribly wrong with the state of this […]

Fifteen-year-old Black student Chet Ellis recently won an essay contest and garnered national attention for a piece on White privilege in his affluent and predominately White town of Westport, Connecticut.

Roland Martin confronted the leader of the National Policy Institute about his views on America, race, White supremacy, Trump's election and the bright future he envisions for White America.

The hoods of White Supremacists might be coming off (and we will get to see their faces).

One of the most bittersweet stories to arise from the Charleston AME church shooting was that of a five-year-old girl who played dead to avoid being…

Why do we pretend like white supremacy isn’t real? We saw just how real it was with the story about the racist fraternity at University of Oklahoma. Listen to the audio player to hear Jeff Johnson explain why stories like this shouldn’t surprise us, and what black people have to do to attack and attempt to […]