The reality star and Trump campaign's director of African-American outreach said she wants African-Americans to “educate” White folks.

In the wake of Donald Trump‘s historic and shocking win of the 2016 presidential election, anger is at an all-time high in the United States, with anti-Trump protests going on nation-wide, and reports of racially motivated harassment and attacks have spiked dramatically since election day. Sign Up For Our Newsletter! A lot of Trump supporters […]

White people have found another reason to be upset about black representation. After the premiere of Marvel’s Luke Cage on Netflix, a lot of white fans of comic book series have complained about the show being “too black,” even calling it racist. Some fans (or non fans) took to social media to express their dismay about […]

Now that the Republican and Democratic nominees have been chosen in the presidential election, it’s Clinton versus Trump. So we have to prepare ourselves adequately for the possibility that Donald Trump will run the country. To help with that, Special K has an expert list of the four types of people Donald Trump will defend white […]

Ja Rule gives his two sense on the controversial topic.

Pittsburgh, PA hip hop artist Mac Miller has never been your conventional rapper, but his latest stream of consciousness still came as a slight surprise to his…

Everyone knows there’s a difference between when white people get together and cook, and when black people get together and cook.  Click on the audio player to hear Rickey Smiley and the rest of the morning show crew hilariously explain these differences, on The Rickey Smiley Morning Show.  Sign Up For Our Newsletter! Get more of Rickey Smiley’s […]

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A majority of #BlackTwitter felt that the subjects MTV's "White People" were whiney and privileged.

After previously releasing the trailer for its upcoming show, White People,  MTV finally premiered the controversial documentary. The show follows young white Americans from Arizona…

Special K has news about some portions of  The BET Awards that weren’t televised, including the Black People’s Favorite White Person Award! Listen to the audio player to hear about these awards and who received them on this edition of News You Can’t Use! Sign Up For Our Newsletter! Listen to “The Rickey Smiley Morning Show” weekdays from 6-10 a.m. EST! […]