Gun violence is an issue we all need to work on resolving. Many of our lives have been effected by that specific type of violence. With all the gun violence in our country, where do we place the blame? How do we get to the root of the problem? Notorious for playing foul mouthed, gun […]

Two Buffalo, NY men are in the hospital after being stabbed at a Lloyd Banks concert on Saturday. The men were stabbed in separate incidents.

JAMAICA-A new movie, “Better Mus Come” is coming out shortly and the movie highlights the problems that led to the high level of political violence from Jamaica’s rival political parties, the People’s National Party and The Jamaican Labour Party, and the politically supported systems of Dons (gang) and Garrisons (residential areas). The movie stars Roger […]

This video of a Paterson, N.J. officer using pepper spray on an already detained black man might be a citizen-made, blurry video, but it doesn’t…