In the world of Hollywood, finding true love can be a challenging feat. Fortunately, two who seem to have successfully done so are Taye Diggs and Apryl Jones. Taye Diggs spills on the Tamron Hall show that his late mother, through a psychic, confirmed that he is in the right relationship. Diggs tells the story […]

Though Apryl Jones & Taye Diggs haven't spoken about being engaged or married, a ring on Apryl's hand is causing a buzz. 

Although Taye Diggs has previously played funny characters in a handful of films, the 50-year-old Hollywood star has recently found newfound success on social media as TikTok's favorite new comedian.

Taye Diggs used his Instagram to share his gym frustrations out on a certain group of people. He shared that he is a privileged black man and can afford to workout in a luxury gym and he has a problem with white people who don’t take the efforts to pick up their towels. LIKE US […]

Actor Taye Diggs spilled some news about his dating life while participating in a generous philanthropic effort.

Taye Diggs recently talked with Van Lathan for his “Red Pill Podcast” and the actor spoke about his love life and future work.

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Andre is facing trumped up charges after his run in with the police, Jamal started recording again, and more.

'The Cosby Show' star will recur as Taye Diggs’ mother on FOX's Empire. The actress will play the wealthy Diana Dubois, whose son, Angelo, is a prominent New York politician and a new love interest for Cookie.