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The Surviving R. Kelly docuseries on Lifetime was no doubt instrumental in getting the R&B singer charge and awaiting trial for multiple sex crimes in multiple states.

R. Kelly is facing even more sex crime charges.

Creep king R. Kelly recently got hit with a slew of new charges related to his infamous and disgusting habit of having sex with underage girls, and now a former employee dropped a major bombshell.

Cook County prosecutors filed a new series of sexual assault charges against R. Kelly.

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The Pied Piper of Past Due Bills was put on blast by his daughter, who claims he stopped paying her college tuition.

In a new interview with The Root, legendary singer Stephanie Mills was asked her thoughts on a number of controversial topics that have been discussed among Black folks.

Gayle King is being praised across the board for her poise during this whole R. Kelly media circus.

Valencia Love, a 47-year-old woman who lives in suburban Chicago, paid 10 percent of Kelly's $1 million bond.