At this point, Lil Kim gets more attention for her appearance than her music.

The Harlem rapper believes skin bleaching is as trivial as getting a weave

Lil Kim shocked the world yet again when she emerged on social media with very drastic new look- even more drastic than before. But before we criticize her, we should think about where this change came from in the first place, and what it means on a deeper level. Check out the player above to hear […]

LisaRaye McCoy is exploring just how far the damage caused by colorism really reaches in her upcoming movie “Skinned.” The “Single Ladies” star has slipped…

This past Tuesday night I went with a few friends to see the play “Red Velvet” starring Adrian Lester of “Primary Colors“, the play was written by his wife Lolita Chakrabati and directed by their family friend Indhu Rubasingham. The play centers around legendary African American stage actor Ira Aldridge, who was the first black […]