sherri shepherd

However, with most journeys of this kind, there are the ups and there are also the missteps.

Sherri Shepherd‘s ex-husband is hitting back at claims she made that she only married him because she was lonely and looking to have sex. The comedian visited The D.L. Hughley Show recently and revealed that a lot of her famous friends didn’t think Lamar Sally was a good fit for her after the host said he could […]

All Black folks don’t look alike…until you need to look like a specific Black person to get in the VIP.

The former co-host of "The View" swears she's losing all the weight thanks to the Keto diet and axing sugar from her diet.

Gary With Da Tea wants everyone to keep Sherri Shepherd lifted in prayer.

Gary is back with his tea and he wants to lift Sherri Shepherd up in prayer.