Rosa Parks

Legislation has been introduced to make Rosa Parks Day a national holiday.

Civil rights icon Rosa Parks was honored with a commemorative statue in Montgomery, Alabama marking the 64th anniversary of her refusal to give up her seat to a white patron on a segregated local bus route.

Meta Golding and Isaiah Washington from TVOne's "Behind The Movement" came through.

Given his serious issues with Black folks, y'all president has a lot of nerve with this one.

Rosa Parks' refusal to give up her bus seat to a White passenger sparked the Montgomery Bus Boycott 62 years ago today.

Lola Jones is serving up some serious #BlackGirlMagic transforming herself into the likes of Harriet Tubman, Rosa Parks and Angela Davis.

Detroit businessman Mike Ilitch offered to pay Parks' housing for as long as necessary after a 1994 burglary.

While on her way to a family function in Sacramento, Toni Young claims a Greyhound driver forced her to give up her seat to another passenger.