Ronnie DeVoe

Singer Ronnie DeVoe donated school supplies and bikes to youth during a tour stop in Cincinnati.

Shamari DeVoe was on bed rest for two and a half months while she was pregnant with her twin boys Ronald and Roman. The former Blaque singer, who recently joined Real Housewives Of Atlanta, suffered complications throughout her pregnancy that could have led to miscarriage or worse. According to the CDC, Black mothers are 243% […]

Shamari dishes about her open relationship with Ronnie, Marlo calls Eva a liar, and Cynthia has a bone to pick about some alleged rumors spread about she and Will.

New Edition’s Ronnie DeVoe might be in the midst of turmoil with his group, but he’s definitely winning at life. Married to Blaque’s Shamari Frears DeVoe, the couple celebrated the birth of twin boys Roman and Ronald, in 2017. Since then, the adorable mini me’s have been taking over social media, with their proud parents […]

Ronnie and Shamari Devoe have been married for over 11 years but it hasn’t always been easy. The New Edition/BBD legend and the former Blaque singer talked with Jacque Reid about how they overcame their marital issues through marriage counseling. Ronnie explained, “Sometimes you really just don’t have the skills that are necessary to figure […]