Perri "Pebbles Reid," the former manager of TLC, is notorious for their financial hardship.

When VH1 aired their 2013 original biopic, CrazySexyCool: The TLC Story, 90s R&B enthusiasts had their eyes glued to the screen, anxious to see how the film would treat the beloved trio’s story. For the most part, the film was a total hit, achieving ratings that were higher than competitors at the time. But one important […]

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The creator of the beloved girl group TLC is going to trial in a defamation case against the TV network, and the basketball star posted a vague video bashing mothers who don't let their children see their fathers.

Ever wonder what would make a seemingly attractive person just spaz out? While we don’t have the answer (sorry), we do have a list of…

It’s been months since Pebbles‘ beef over the TLC biopic that aired on VH1, so you would think it would have the potential to be squashed by now. Well, not exactly. T-Boz told “The Rickey Smiley Morning Show” they haven’t reconciled, and probably won’t for a while. Listen to the audio player to hear what T-Boz […]

What the WHAT? Yes, you read the title right! There is a 20 year old young man walking around that according to “Centric“, belongs to R&B…

Pebbles didn’t hold back anything in her interview with Wendy Williams the other day. She addressed many of the rumors and accusations involving TLC and her portrayal in their VH1 biopic. It’s hard to tell who is telling the truth in this story, but listen to the audio to hear why Gary With Da Tea thinks Pebbles […]

Ebony Steele has a hilarious list in this edition of Ain’t Nobody Got Time For Dat! Listen to the audio to hear what ain’t nobody got time for like Pebbles calling herself a pastor! Click here to catch up on the latest “Ain’t Nobody Got Time For Dat” and make sure you tune in to “The Rickey Smiley Morning […]


  We had a feeling it wouldn’t take too long for Chilli and T-Boz to come back at both Pebbles and Crystal Selene Jones for their antics after the TLC Biopic “Crazy Sexy Cool” dropped. And…