The trio would use duct tape to tie up their victims before running off with their personal belongings, cash, and credit cards. The post NYPD Searching For Suspects Involved In Armed Robbery Ring That Lures Men To Motels For A Fake Hookup appeared first on NewsOne.

Looks like there’s going to be a lot less dirt bikes and ATV’s motoring loud and proud in your neighborhood as New York City just destroyed a gang of them. The Gothamist is reporting that the New York City Police Department straight up crushed a mountain of ATVs and dirt bikes at the Brooklyn auto […]

The shocking subway shooting in NYC that left 10 people wounded and dozens of others injured yesterday may be coming to a bittersweet end now that a suspect, 62-year-old Black male Frank R. James, has been taken into custody.

While many aren't familiar with Sewell, the Nassau County chief of detectives has made quite a career for herself in law enforcement and is now reaping the benefits of her hard work and dedication

Today (August 19), the NYPD announced they were firing Officer Danny Pantaleo, the cop who murdered Eric Garner after placing him in an illegal chokehold five years ago.

All Jazmine Headley, 23, wanted to do was get a daycare voucher for her son so she could start her janitorial job. Somehow, that turned into violence.

The NYPD has suspended two officers pending an investigation into claims they left a Brooklyn shooting victim unattended over the weekend who later died because of his wounds. Robert Fason’s family claims he was on the ground for 45 minutes and reports say the officers never left their patrol vehicle to check on the victim. […]