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Gary delivers a message that Mo'Nique has for all the "queens" out there, in addition to news on Dr. Dre's wife and Khloe Kardashian sending some unintended shade towards Halle Berry.

Apparently Nicole Young's legal fees topped $4 million as her lawyer, Samantha Spector, was charging her $1,100 an hour

A leaked snippet played by a member of the AfterMath's production team featured bars from the legendary Compton producer that were aimed at his ex-wife and references his recent hospital stay.

Dr. Dre's ex-wife is now going a further mile to see what she can find on her ex-husband.

According to TMZ, police are investigating claims that Nicole Young allegedly embezzled money from Dr. Dre's business accounts after his business partner,  Larry Chatman, filed a report with the Los Angeles Police Department claiming that Young withdrew nearly $400,000 from the business account without authorization. 

After announcing a divorce in late June, Young has argued for numerous items including spousal support and security. On Thursday (October 1), she lost one battle in what is sure to be many against her estranged husband.

According to TMZ, Dr. Dre is calling the petitioned request for $2 million a month in spousal support "absurd", noting that the requested amount is unnecessary when is already currently footing the bill for her current lifestyle and their divorce; adding that, according to the legal documents, her lawyers have already made more money off the 2-month old divorce than most Los Angeles residents make in a year.

The divorce proceedings between Dr. Dre and his soon to be ex-wife are uncovering some serious dirt. She has apparently left a paper trail of pilfering from the piggy bank. As spotted on TMZ Nicole Young’s reputation is now being put to the test. Last week the iconic producer’s attorney Larry Chatman provided proof that she had […]