LisaRaye McCoy, who has sniped at Murphy in the past, did so again but this time with the stern words of “she might wanna come see me.”

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Nicole still seems embarrassed over the incident but she pulled it together to look into the camera and apologize to Lela publicly.

According to LisaRaye, Nicole messed around with her ex-husband Michael Misick while they were married. TMZ caught up with LisaRaye while she was leaving lunch and the actress went off on Nicole calling her a woman who wrecks homes.

After she caught plenty of heat and drama on social media for locking lips with Lela Rochon‘s husband acclaimed director Antoine Fuqua, Nicole Murphy is walking back her original “family friends” statement and is outright apologizing for kissing Fuqua.

Nicole Murphy claims photos of her lip-locking with Lela Rochon’s husband Antoine Fuqua were just exchanging “friendly” expressions of their “family friendship.”

When Nicole Murphy divorced from comedy heavyweight Eddie Murphy in 2005, she received about $10 million in the settlement. But because she entrusted her childhood friend with the sum, she never saw the money again. Both she and a Philadelphia investment group took some huge losses, and filed a lawsuit. Sign Up For Our Newsletter! […]