Nancy Grace

You might remember the glorious moment that had 2 Chainz and Nancy Grace debating about marijuana legalization live on her TV show. He completely schooled her on all of the stigmas attached to marijuana usage and selling, and effectively won the debate by all accounts. Sign Up For Our Newsletter! Despite the fact that the debate “had the ratings […]

Remember when Nancy Grace tried to come for 2 Chainz and he completely shut her down? Well, Chainz tells us on“The Rickey Smiley Morning Show” she was a different person off camera. Sign Up For Our Newsletter! “She was feeling me after the show on the low,” said 2 Chainz. “She was feeling me, we […]

Rapper 2 Chainz faced off against Nancy Grace about marijuana use and policy during an appearance on the HLN anchor’s current affairs show earlier today. 2 Chainz, a proud and outspoken smoker,…

ATLANTA-While discussing Lindey Lohan’s recent jewelry theft, pundit, Nancy Grace made a point that shows the inequality of our justice system in relation to Lindsay Lohan’s jewelry theft charges, she said: Let’s just say you send a black girl into that same jewelry story, or an educated person or a poor person, they come away […]