“Monkey Gang: The Mockumentary” movie was shown in New York last Friday. The movie has already been compared to classics such as “Hollywood Shuffle,” “CB4” and “Bamboozled” as well as the Rock And Roll Mockumentary “Spinal Tap.” After the Premiere at the Anthology Theater in New York City, executive producer writer and star, Montaigne “Logic” […]

After getting tired of hearing about positive stories of strong, intelligent Black leaders, the Monkey Gang has released a mixtape full of ignorance and negativity as a tribute to sh*t-hop and coonery on the last day of Black History Month. The mxtape is free and can be downloaded here. To find out more about the Monkey Gang go […]

A new movie trailer for the hip-hop mockumentary movie “Monkey Gang” has been released by Chicken And Beef. The last trailer set the internet on fire on sites such as WorldStarHipHop and TheUrbanDaily with its parody of modern day hip-hop. The movie is scheduled to start screening this summer. Check Out These Joints Too “Monkey […]

After the success of the trailer for the upcoming “Monkey Gang” mockumentary trailer, the fictitious group has released a video for their song “Sell More Crack Than You.” For more information on the Monkey Gang, go to monkeygang.net or chickenandbeef.info. The movie is scheduled to come out this summer. Check Out These Joints Too “Monkey […]

Several members of the Monkey Gang have claimed that they are responsible for WorldStarHipHop getting shut down. Monkey Gang member, Bullet said to reporters “Worldstar doesn’t have enough crack selling ignorance so we through bananas at the server and put monkey sh*t in their cms oooh oooo.” Manager Kissing Cuzzo claimed Monkey Gang shut down […]

Video is surfacing of a rap group called the “Monkey Gang” who critics are calling “The Most Ignorant Rap Ever.” Rumor is that it might be a parody, but the way rap is going, who knows. RELATED STORIES Mighty Casey “Crackhead Superheroes” [VIDEO] VIDEO: Mighty Casey “Black Rapping School”