Louis Vuitton has since pulled the Jamaica-inspired sweater after the backlash.

While he makes it look good Rick Ross might not be rolling as right as we all thought. The Miami native was recently caught draped in bandooloo designer. As spotted on Hot New Hip-Hop the rapper who once said he is going to stunt even if he has to break a bone might need to have a […]

Ebony Steele‘s handle came off her what was supposed to be, Louis Vuitton purse! It was so crazy Gary With Da Tea couldn’t even give his tea. Listen to the hilarious audio to hear Ebony try to explain why the handle came off her Louis bag and why “The Rickey Smiley Morning Show” wasn’t trying to hear it!  […]

Diddy pulled another WTF recently when he was spotted at the airport in slippers and a Louis Vuitton clutch in tow. The flamboyant Dirty Money rapper rocked his man purse which ok, we’re not surprised but slippers too!? Cassie Gets Diddy For NYE, Baby Mama Kim Porter Gets Xmas Take a look at more WTF […]