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Nicole still seems embarrassed over the incident but she pulled it together to look into the camera and apologize to Lela publicly.

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Actress Lela Rochon returned to Instagram after deactivating her profile amid cheating allegations aimed at her husband, director Antoine Fuqua.

After she caught plenty of heat and drama on social media for locking lips with Lela Rochon‘s husband acclaimed director Antoine Fuqua, Nicole Murphy is walking back her original “family friends” statement and is outright apologizing for kissing Fuqua.

I first discovered Lela Rochon in the late 80s when Ritchey told his wife he’s never coming home because he fell in love with Sunshine. Sunshine, played by Rochon, was one of the first films that solidified her as a Brown bombshell. But in 1995, with her relatable role as Robin Stokes in Waiting To […]

Nicole Murphy claims photos of her lip-locking with Lela Rochon’s husband Antoine Fuqua were just exchanging “friendly” expressions of their “family friendship.”