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There’s a lot of trolling going on. Killer Mike said he’s rich and did not accept money from Bernie Sanders after Twitter trolls claimed he did in exchange for support. Speaking of being trolled, Spike Lee said he’s being “harassed” by James Dolan, who is the owner of the New York Knicks even though he’s […]

Phil Jackson has been called out by a few celebs after his comments last month on LeBron James and his “posse.” The  New York Knicks President’s insensitive remarks were so offensive to James that even Jay Z called him out. On Thursday, Jackson finally addressed the backlash he received over his statements saying, “That’s a topic […]

Drake has long been known for being the rapper with his heart on his sleeve, and although other rappers poke fun at him for it, it’s arguably the very quality about him that has helped to make him so successful. Sign Up For Our Newsletter! He’s also long been known for the love he has […]

Once he contacted the club to say he wanted to retire in style, the New York Knicks obliged.

As the Cleveland Cavaliers still revel in winning the 2016 NBA Finals, the New York Knicks are still trying to find the right pieces for next season. In an effort to at least make it to the post season come next go round, the Knicks have traded for Derrick Rose. The Bulls have traded Rose, Justin […]

While New York  Knick’s point guard Jeremy Lin is riding high after last night’s defeat of the Lakers, let’s not forget he’s still a brainiac…

The New York Knicks played The Miami Heat last night for a 93 to 88 victory at The Garden. The Knicks were on a seven game losing streak but after stopping LeBron and a great fourth quarter they were able to get back on the winning side. Alicia Keys, Kanye West, Swizz Beats, Tracy Morgan, […]