Keyshia Cole Daniel Gibson divorce

  Keyshia Cole’s reunion with estranged husband Daniel “Booby” Gibson may be over before it really began. Last week, the singer/reality star had many wondering…

Talk about a grimy THOT! According to Gary With Da Tea, a former female rapper who was once friends with Keyshia Cole, betrayed her in the worst way.  Listen to Gary’s Tea in the audio player to hear who was sleeping with her husband behind her back, but continued to smile in her face! Get the latest from Gary’s […]

Keyshia Cole is ready to sign those papers, but of course her cheating husband, Daniel “Boobie” Gibson is not. According to Gary With Da Tea, Keyshia Cole is set on getting a divorce, but her ex-boo apparently doesn’t believe in such a thing. Why? Because he’s a “Christian” (yeah, right). Listen to Gary’s Tea in the audio player to […]