Love might be in the air again for "The Real" co-star Jeannie Mai.

The Real’s Jeannie Mai‘s ex-husband Freddy Harteis is having a baby. A few months ago, Jeannie tearfully announced she and her husband Freddy were getting a divorce because they had different views on having children. Well it looks like Freddy quickly found a new love, because he is expecting his first child with a woman […]

The highly anticipated season three of the popular show will return on Monday, September 12, and this season is full of surprises.

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Ever since Tamar Braxton was fired from daytime talk show The Real, the drama surrounding her exit appears to be never-ending. Now some of Tamar’s fans are vowing to boycott the singer’s former show as a sign of solidarity and standing up for what they think is right.   If you follow Tamar Braxton on […]