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"I said you disrespect her in front of the audience and in front of me, you're disrespecting me too!"


While Jasmine Guy was sitting in for Monie Love, Ed Lover remembered the question he wanted to ask Jasmine that he had been holding in the whole day. He tries to get her to reveal the names of some of the hot male celebrities that approached her and expressed interest, and she turned them down. […]

Jasmine Guy is not only known for playing southern belle Samantha Whitley on “A Different World.” As her career took off, she also became known for her killer dance moves and singing skills. In 1990, she blew the world away when she performed her song “Try Me,” on the legendary Soul Train stage. Now, she […]

A Different World is one of the most important shows in television history. It was truly groundbreaking. To have a show feature young black adults…

Jasmine Guy has such a lovely presence, it’s hard to believe she has this terrible habit. Gary With Da Tea caught up with her at the “Get On Up “premiere where she revealed a pretty embarrassing secret. Watch this exclusive video to see her discuss! In addition to letting us in on her secret habit, she […]

Jasmine Guy stars in a new film called October Baby which opened this Friday in a limited theatrical release. Breast Cancer Awareness – An Interview with Musiq Soulchild The film tells the story of Hannah, a 19-year-old college freshman who discovers late in life not only that she was adopted but also the survivor of […]