jacob blake

In an exclusive interview with CNN, Jacob Blake detailed how his shooting has left him in fear for himself and other Black people vulnerable to suffering the same fate he did, and how he won't feel like he truly survived his encounter with police "until something has changed."

It's been one year since Jacob Blake was shot seven times and paralyzed from the waist down by a Kenosha, Wisconsin.

The Tuesday announcement comes two weeks after Sheskey returned from administrative leave. Inaction in Kenosha, along with the resignations in the Daunte Wright killing outside of Minneapolis, raise renewed concerns about policing and discipline. 

The family of Blake is considering a civil lawsuit against Rustin Sheskey.

It looks like Jacob Blake who was shot in Kenosha, Wisconsin is not getting justice. 

Jacob Blake has now recovered enough to speak out and talk to those who fought for him and social justice as a whole during this difficult time.

On Wednesday (Aug 26) just one day after the 17-year old gunman opened fire on a crowd of peaceful protestors gathered to call for justice after the police shooting of Jacob Blake, the New York Post posted an article seemingly sympathizing with Rittenhouse, while criminalizing Black victims. The newspaper promoted the article sharing the news of Rittenhouse's arrest by prominently displaying pictures of the teen cleaning up graffiti, after slandering victim Jacob Blake claiming he had a knife in his vehicle--a detail that was proven false by investigators.

NBA star Donovan Mitchell is looking out for the kids of Jacob Blake, the Black man who was shot in the back by Kenosha, WI police. The Utah Jazz all-star has donated $45,000 to a scholarship fund for Blake's 6 children, and adidas has matched.

Mr. Blake says he spoke to Biden and Harris for a full hour and felt comforted afterwards as President Obama's former VP and his running mate actually have the kind of empathy you'd want in the leader of a country.