interracial couple

An interracial couple jumped the broom at their wedding and now Twitter is upset because a Black man jumped the broom with his white bride.

Jason and his wife, Victoria Chapa were excited to go check out a new home in the developing area of Marion, Texas.

In the latest installment of Paternity Test Tuesday, a white woman named Kelly and a black man named Tonio decided to sleep together out of a fascination between the two of them. Things got a little sticky between then and four months later, when Kelly realized she was having a baby. Click on the audio player above […]

According to “clinical psychologist” Dr. Breedlove, Black men need White women. He tells “The Rickey Smiley Morning Show” Black men are happier when they have several women who are other ethnicities. Listen to the audio player to hear more of Dr. Breedlove’s explanation on why Black men want and are better off with a White […]

In the latest edition of Paternity Test Tuesday, a white girl who only dates Black guys needs to know who’s the father of her baby boy, CJ. Listen to the audio player to hear if her Subway employee boyfriend is the dad, or some other Black guy that claims to have been sleeping with her, too! Hear […]