Ice Cube

On his debut album “AmeriKKKa’s Most Wanted,” Ice Cube proclaimed he was the “N**** Ya Love To Hate” but that is far from the case. Cube has been holding us down for four decades. As frontman for NWA, Cube gave us what has become a soundtrack of today’s time’s with “F*** The Police” He […]

The veteran California rapper and actor apparently had an image shared from his Twitter account that offended many in the Jewish community.

In a recent interview, Ice Cube shared his thoughts on Kobe Bryant, the BIG 3 and the NBA taking his idea and not giving him credit, as well as his new film projects. 

John Singleton, the Oscar-nominated director and writer of such film as Boyz N The Hood, Poetic Justice, Shaft, Baby Boy and Higher Learning died Monday following complications of a stroke.

Ice Cube is a titan and recently, he celebrated the 26th anniversary of his classic track “It Was A Good Day.”

Another Wednesday, another hump day to get through, moving us that much closer to the weekend. But why wait till Friday to get your day started off right. Check out LeBron James rapping along with Ice Cube to one of his feel-good classics, “It Was a Good Day” and be encouraged for the coming hours!