Ice Cube

On Monday (Nov 30), the west coast legend took to Twitter to share with fans what he's been working on during his sabbatical, noting that his reason for stepping back was to drown out the "noise" and "poison" with critics who felt that his approach was incorrect.

Roland Martin served as the voice of truth following Ice Cube's continued demonstration that he still supports Donald Trump's "fraudulent" Platinum Plan for Black America.

Ice Cube heart is in the right place, but his execution is the pure definition of struggle.

Looks like Ice Cube's claims of the Biden campaign telling him to chill out was not the case at all.

While the veteran rapper and actor didn't flat out endorse either candidate, he explained more behind his reasoning for conducting the chat.

Trump posting this fake photo comes after Cube received criticism for working with the his administration on the Contract With Black America (CWBA).

T.I. talks about the wisdom he's gained at 40 and why voting is so important.

Here's what Da Brat said about Ice Cube's Platinum Plan.

Ice Cube is about making a change and it starts with this contract...