What nation is considered to be the happiest in the world?

Pharrell Williams has three more reasons to be happy.

Kim Fields chats with “The Rickey Smiley Morning Show” cast about how she adjusted to her time on Dancing With The Stars, and why it was an easier transition than one would think it would have been. Sign Up For Our Newsletter! Plus, she talks about how she deals with soreness, her wardrobe for the show, […]

If you’ve ever seen Rickey Smiley interview the women from Little Women of Atlanta, you know that he loves little people so much! Check out the video above to see Rickey explain exactly why little people give him so much joy, and make him feel so passionate about them! Sign Up For Our Newsletter! Be sure to check out more […]

When Taylor Swift scrubbed Spotify of her music claiming artists weren’t getting paid properly we gave her a little side-eye. (We secretly listen to “Shake…

There’s no doubt Pharrell Williams is “happy” and will be for a very long time! Headkrack reports everyone’s favorite song surpassed 10 million in sales – meaning Pharrell just hit Diamond status! But his success didn’t stop with this song. Listen to the audio player to hear more reasons Skateboard P has to be happy […]