According to NBC News, a federal judge issued a preliminary injunction on Monday to allow Kaden Bradford to keep his locs without facing suspension. Bradford's "rights under the Equal Protection Clause and the First Amendment will be violated if his motion for a preliminary injunction is denied, and he has additionally shown that he will receive either inferior instruction or no instruction if his motion is denied," the court stated.

An Ohio private school receives criticism for banning Black hairstyles.

The Supreme Court of Jamaica has ruled in favor of a school that demanded a student cut her dreadlocks over "hygiene" reasons in order to attend classes.

A video of Black wrestler, Andrew Johnson went viral after he was told he had to cut off his dreadlocks or forfeit the match by the referee.

Refusing to hire someone because of their dreadlocks is legal, according to a ruling from the 11th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals. Their ruling came after a lawsuit was filed by Equal Employment Opportunity Commission against Catastrophe Management Solutions in Mobile, Alabama. The EEOC was working on behalf of Chastity Jones, whose job offer was rescinded […]

It is becoming more evident with each passing day that many feel that just about everything regarding black people needs to be policed and/or regulated. In the latest case of attempting to diminish our value, worth and beauty, and appeals court has ruled that employees who opt to wear dreadlocks do not have a legal […]

Everyone is burning with desire to know why Headkrack cut off his dreadlocks, which, up until now, were a signature part of his style! Well, we’ve got your answer, straight from the source. Watch the video above to see what he said on “The Rickey Smiley Morning Show!” Sign Up For Our Newsletter! RELATED: Da Brat & Headkrack Deliver The Rap Of […]

The woman with the longest dreadlocks in the world, Asha Mandela stopped by Dish Nation and things got a little heated between her and Rickey Smiley. Watch the clip to see why Rickey starts to take his clothes off in the studio! Get What You Missed From “The Rickey Smiley Morning Show” Right Here! Catch […]