Drea Kelly

Bill Cosby and Drea Kelly have spoken out separately with their opinions on R. Kelly's now-infamous guilty verdict.

R. Kelly‘s struggle 19-minute “I Admit “ track had everyone talking when it dropped, and it was mostly panned by those who wasted time out of their day to hear the record. Drea Kelly upped the ante and dropped a remix to the song, calling out her creepy ex-husband and airing out a ton of […]

The more stories about R. Kelly come to the light, the worse he looks. The King of R & Pee’s ex-wife has been speaking out lately, and in a new interview she detailed getting tied up by her then hubby. No, it wasn’t consensual. Reports Madame Noire: In an interview with “Inside Edition,” Kelly’s ex-wife […]

R. Kelly has been accused of sexually assaulting girls and women for years, which he has always denied. However, what many people forget is that he was a married man during much of that time. He was married to former backup dancer Andrea Kelly from 1996 to 2009. They also have three children together. Sign Up For Our Newsletter! […]

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There was a bit of a beef between Monie Love and Drea Kelly, ex-wife to R. Kelly who has found himself back in the news lately after going public with his new relationship to a 19-year-old. When Monie reported on that story, along with details of an alleged harem of women that R. Kelly frequently […]