Dr. Phil recently detested the idea of a plan where Black people receive $350,000 in reparations, leading many to disagree with his hot take.

The celebrity doctors in recent days have been called on to speak on the novel coronavirus spread with disastrous results due to their bad observations.

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Bhad Bhabie popped in her IG Live with that appeared to be a much browner complexion.

The Hot Spot is COVID-19 updates, but this time how to survive with your significant other. Dr. Phil gives tips on how to survive coexisting with your partner while on quarantine. Though it can be a pain to look at someone all day simple things like going for a walk, using safe words, and cleaning […]

Remember the Black teen who went on Dr. Phil saying she was White? Her alleged sister took to social media to reveal it was all fake.

We’re not too sure how one manages to Catfish oneself, but this young girl convinced her own very obviously Black self that she is white.

Amber Rose has landed herself a talk show on VH1, thanks to Dr. Phil, who will produce the show. This is a good look for Amber, of course, but Gary With Da Tea is a bit suspicious of it all. Watch the video above to see Gary explain more in this exclusive video edition of Gary’s Tea.  Sign Up For Our Newsletter! Get the latest […]

In part two of Nick Gordon‘s interview with Dr. Phil, Nick clears up some misconceptions about his use of drugs with his late girlfriend Bobbi Kristina. He says that although people have dubbed him as person who started the drug abuse, it’s a different story. Click on the audio player for more from Gary With Da Tea about this story in this edition of Gary’s Tea. […]

If you haven’t seen Dr. Phil‘s interview with Nick Gordon, you’re not missing anything. Jeff Johnson straight up called it ridiculous. Listen to the audio player to hear him explain the problem with the interview, and why further supporting him is an even bigger problem in this edition of 3 Things You Should Know. Sign Up For Our […]

Nick Gordon‘s Dr. Phil interview is set to air today, and people are already jumping on him with suspicion about his involvement in Bobbi Kristina‘s incident. But according to Dr. Phil, he’s not stable. Listen to the audio player to hear parts of the interview, and how social media’s response could destroy him. Sign Up […]