The news that Doug Jones was Joe Biden's choice for U.S. attorney general drew attention to the former Alabama senator's prosecution of KKK members who bombed a historic Black church in Birmingham that killed four little Black girls in 1963.

Dana Gresham, who previously served in the Obama administration, will become Doug Jones’ chief of staff, according to reports.

 Doug Jones made history in Alabama last week, but things are already looking shaky for the folks who supported him. As we reported, on a Sunday interview with CNN, the Senator-elect from Alabama said that people should “move on” from Donald Trump‘s sexual assault allegations. The comment was bizarre, considering part of the reason he […]

Most people didn’t see this coming. Many of us thought a Democrat could not win in the red state of Alabama. However,  pedophilia, homophobia and racism did not win in the deep south. The times are changing. Doug Jones won the Alabama Senate race and it was the Black vote, especially Black women, who gave […]

Doug Jones is running against Roy Moore for the Senate seat in Alabama.