Wendy Williams is being called out by one drag performer, Detox. The former contestant of the popular RuPaul’s Drag Race is not happy that Williams is co-hosting a viewing party for the ninth season of the show. Detox shared the Facebook status of another drag performer, Stephanie Stone, where Stone recalls, “All I remember is when Wendy Williams had Erick […]

Dr. Dre fans are in for a treat August 7th. With “Straight of Compton” hitting theaters, Dre was inspired to create a new album entitled “Compton: The Soundtrack.” This comes after he was supposed to release “Detox”. He says it was never released simply because it wasn’t good. Listen to the audio player to hear […]

Anytime is a great time to detox. It’s not just for post-holiday binge relief. Experts believe that trying to eat as cleanly as possible –…

Ah…summer. Warmer weather, relaxing at the beach…why not make the most of one of the best seasons by giving your entire body a boost with…

Multi-platinum producer Bernard “Focus…” Edwards, Jr. spent seven years working with Dr. Dre as an in-house producer for Aftermath Entertainment. The son of late CHIC bassist Bernard Edwards, Focus… has made ear candy for Busta Rhymes (“Respect My Conglomerate“) The Game (“Where I’m From” ) and Marsha Ambrosius (Yours Truly mixtape), just to name a […]

Since Dr. Dre‘s highly anticipated album Detox is years overdue, it seems like he took a break from music a long time ago. But Dre is officially going to be stepping away from the recording studio. This indefinite musical pause will come after he finishes working on Kendrick Lamar and Slim the Mobster’s respective albums. […]

Dr. Dre finally premiered the first video from Detox, “Kush” featuring Snoop Dogg. “It’s a fun song, it’s hot and people seem to be loving it,” Dr. Dre said of Kush. “And that’s an exciting thing because I know if people are loving this song they’re going to really get into the record because this […]