Bernice Jenkins has a special Church Announcement for all dark-skinned members with ashy skin. Listen to the audio player to hear what you must do before entering the sanctuary! Text GOSSIP To 71007 To Get The Hottest Gossip Daily! Reply Help for Help; STOP RICKEY to Cancel; STOP to End All. Msg&Data Rates May Apply. 5 msgs/wk Get […]

Tank ignited a light-skinned vs. dark-skinned debate on social media that has many people opening up about their experience with what is referred to as “shadism” or “colorism.” Do black people really experience racism from their own people? According to “The Rickey Smiley Morning Show” cast and listeners – YES. Text GOSSIP To 71007 To Get The […]


Special K wrote a poem inspired by how some light-skinned women treat men. We all know the stereotypes, but Special K is getting tired of it. Listen to this hilarious spoken word piece to hear him express his frustration through poem! Click here for more New You Can’t Use and listen to “The Rickey Smiley Morning […]

In this edition of church announcements from Bernice Jenkins, we hear from about her church’s upcoming play casting dark-skinned women with naturally ashy skin to play Harriet Tubman and Frederick Douglass. Oh no she didn’t! Oh yes she did… Text “Rickey” To 80185…Standard Messaging Rates Apply Listen to Bernice Jenkins’ church announcements on Mondays, Wednesdays […]