A shooting reportedly took place on a Dallas freeway on Wednesday (Nov. 11) and details are slowly coming in while Twitter continues to react to the news.

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Steve Novak said he's been working on his Halloween decorations for four years and has hung dummies from the roof, laid them out on the sidewalk and even uses by his estimate, 20 gallons of fake blood.

Traveling across the state will be a breeze with the Dallas-To-Houston bullet train.

Ft. Worth activist Ms. Opal Lee began her walk to DC in effort to petition the observance of Juneteenth as a national holiday.

He was killed 10 days after testifying in the Amber Guyger murder trial.


Dallas Police announced that Joshua Brown, the witness who was shot dead after coincidentally testifying against convicted murderer and ex-cop Amber Guyger, was killed after a drug deal gone wrong.


Footage has bee released from a 2016 case of a Dallas man dying while being arrested by police.

When the custodian at Dallas Independent School District’s Frank Guzick Elementary School had an emergency, principal Adreana Davis stepped up to handle the responsibilities.