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At a time when companies across the company are reckoning with their toxic work cultures, media companies are now on the chopping block for their role in treating employees of color and women unfairly and subjecting them to abuse. According to published reports, Complex is now under scrutiny by former staffers for perpetuating what they describe as a racist and sexist workplace, with many speaking out despite their nondisclosure agreements. In an open letter posted to Twitter, former employee Tiffany Wines wrote about the “daily microaggressions Complex culture is notorious for,” and specifically called for the resignation of Jay Salim and Arman Walia, both senior employees at Complex.

Joe Budden went on a bit of a rant the other day about Complex and the show “Everyday Struggle” he works on.

Joe Budden recently welcomed a baby boy into the world with his girlfriend Syn Santana.

A petition circulated the web demanding that this year's headliner, Lady Gaga, be replaced with Migos.