Jackie Chan told fans that he is currently in talks to make a fourth Rush Hour movie. Read more details inside.

The classic hood comedy hasn't seen Smokey since the original, and Cube was down to drop a major bag to change that.

According to USA Today, a complaint was filed by the IRS in a Nevada federal court on Monday stating the "Rush Hour" star owes $9.6 million in federal taxes, tax penalties, and interest from 2002, 2006, 2008, and 2010.

One Twitter user reminded fans that Rush Hour has the best bloopers of any film created. Watch the video inside.

Jackie Chan said he and Chris Tucker agreed to do a fourth Rush Hour movie.

What does Chris Tucker, who famously played Smokey, think about the return of Friday?

Norris Tucker Sr., the father of actor and comedian Chris Tucker died in his sleep at his Lithonia, Georgia home.