The "Hot Spot" is filled with some rather unfortunate news today, including a reboot of 'The Boondocks' getting cancelled, a somber unearthed interview from late Miss USA winner Cheslie Kryst and a surprising revelation that 2 Chainz made while comparing his days of trapping vs. rapping.

Today on the "Hot Spot" includes both heartbreaking and heartwarming news, with Issa Rae and Airbnb teaming up to make her L.A. home into a weekend getaway for Valentine's Day plus the mother of late Miss USA winner Cheslie Kryst speaking out on the depression that led to her daughter's unfortunate suicide.

Maria More fills in for today's "Front Page News" to deliver some major recent headlines, and Rock-T gives his sports recap as per usual to talk Rams vs Bengals at the upcoming Super Bowl game.

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According to accounts, Kryst was identified as the woman who jumped from a Midtown apartment building in New York City Sunday morning.