Popular natural hair company, Carol’s Daughter just received a miracle. After reports of bankruptcy, L’Oreal has acquired the once black-owned company. This is obviously great news for natural women, but listen to the audio player hear the downside of this deal in this edition of 3 Things You Should Know. Click here for more 3 Things You Should Know from […]

Last week we were invited to The Diva Lounge’s “Keep Cool, Look Hot” campaign event hosted by Shayna D at Carol’s Daughter in Harlem, NY. The place was full of natural-haired beauties and curls were spilling over everywhere. Lisa Price, the founder of Carol’s Daughter, made an appearance, greeting the beautiful women in attendance. We had […]

The 2011 Essence Festival is still going strong in the NOLA with concerts, parties, conferences and other events. Yesterday, some of our favorite celebrities attended the Carol’s Daughter Pop Up Store. Among the attendees of the event were the Braxton sisters and Mary J Blige who introduced her new fragrance during the event entitled, “My […]

Chrisette Michele was seen at Carol’s Daughter in Harlem signing autographs for her new album Let Freedom Reign.

Carol’s Daughter has a new fix for dry, chemically treated hair: the new Black Vanilla Shampoo & Smoothie Set, $29.00. I can’t get enough of this warm vanilla and fresh coconut scent and I am sure that once you get your hands on this set, you won’t be able to either! (Mommy side note: This […]