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Nate Parker's film The Birth Of A Nation hit theaters last weekend and the box office numbers were less than great.

When Nate Parker‘s film, “The Birth Of A Nation,” premiered at Sundance Film Festival over the summer,  audiences and press there were absolutely floored, spawning buzz that would last for months about the revolutionary film. This lead Fox Searchlight to offer more money to back the film than any other in Sundance history. It rained […]

Ice Cube just made box office history! “22 Jump Street” wasn’t just a hit, it made $60 million making it the second highest grossing R rated comedy film. Listen to the audio player to hear which popular film he almost topped in this edition of Hip Hop Spot! Click here for more music news in Hip-Hop Spot and […]

Looks like the Jackie Robinson biopic, “42″, stunned everyone when it came in number one at the box office this weekend, making $9.1 million. It…

Think Like A Man, the new adaptation of Steve Harvey’s best-selling book, raked in $12 Million on Friday night. That brings the weekend projection to…

Steve Harvey‘s book-turned-film Think Like A Man is projected to rake in at least $20 million for the weekend! According to Hollywood Reporter, “it scored a surprising $500,000 in Thursday midnight runs and is overperforming Friday.” Get “The Rickey Smiley Morning Show” In Your Inbox For a chance to win the soundtrack to “Think Like A […]

Hollywood didn’t believe that Black America will support a movie like Red Tails, and many African-Americans made it a point to make to see the film this weekend to help boost the box office numbers. But how did Red Tails do on its first weekend in theaters? 5 Historic Sites African Americans Must Visit The movie […]