In 2014, 276 Christian schoolgirls were kidnapped in Nigeria and held hostage by Islamic radicals Boko Haram who only returned 103 of them three years later in 2017. 

A recent profile by the New York Times aims to shed light on their lives after their escape, their heartbreak and more importantly, their survival.

The girls were freed Wednesday after they were abducted from the Government Girls Science and Technical College on February 19.


This is definitely a bright side to the horrible circumstances these young women went through.

Upon arrival on Sunday, parents of the girls tearfully celebrated in the streets and had a formal ceremony in Nigeria's capital Abuja.


On Wednesday, four women publicly shared that Trump groped them.


Houses were torched, suicide bombers detonated devices and militants opened fire near Nigeria's largest northeastern city.

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“The enemies of humanity will never win. Hand in hand, we will rid our land of terrorism.” ~ Pres @MBuhari — President Buhari (@NGRPresident) November 17, 2015 An explosion blamed on terrorist organization Boko Haram rocked Yola, capital of Nigeria’s Adamawa state, on Tuesday, killing an estimated 32 people and injuring 80 others, the Associated Press reports. According to […]

The girls' intense and long period of social isolation will require special practices to aid their integration back into the public.

It’s hard to believe that over 270 Nigerian girls who were abducted by Boko Haram (an Islamic militant group) from their school in Chibok, have…