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CNN host Don Lemon was named in a sexual assault lawsuit filed by a Long Island, New York.


The victim's attorney claims the charges should be upped to a hate crime because Austin Shuffield yelled racial slurs at the young woman. 

A Kansas City security guard and former police officer is on administrative leave after allegedly walking into a bar and ordering a “Trayvon Martini” from a black bartender, reports the Kansas City Star.

Janay and Carlos hooked up one night after a party, seven months later, Janay’s got a baby. Carlos swears it’s not his, however, and recently bought a new car with the money he makes as a bartender. Janay is pretty upset that he just made this big purchase for himself, while she and her baby […]

Sooo…a guy walks into a bar with jumper cables. Yeah, random – we know. Listen to the audio player to find out what the bartender said to him in the Joke Of The Day! Click here for more jokes and listen weekdays to “The Rickey Smiley Morning Show” from 6-10am EST! Joke Of The Day: What Did Jay Z […]