The Islands of The Bahamas brought their beautiful country to Los Angeles last week. Here are 50 reasons why you should visit for yourself.  


Hampton University welcomed 46 students displaced by Hurricane Dorian.

Residents of The Bahamas looking to flee the destruction left in the wake of Hurricane Dorian were en route to the shores of the United States but were ordered to vacate the transport ferry.

James Harden is one of the best basketball players on the planet. He is a prolific shooter, with crafty moves to get by and score in the paint as well. Because of his super-rare skillset, he has become a top-paid player; in July of 2017, he signed one of the richest contracts in the history […]

Loni Love is following in the footsteps of her Real co-host Tamera and dipped into the White chocolate fountain to find love.

Ja Rule could be in a lot of trouble for Fyre Festival drama.

Ja Rule is in a lot of hot water, along with the other founders of the Fyre Festival.


Reco Scott, 32, disappeared while celebrating his honeymoon on a cruise ship that was headed to the Bahamas on Friday.

Young Jeezy was arrested in the Bahamas over this past weekend for an unknown infraction, according to the Bahamas’ Tribune newspaper.