White House correspondent, April Ryan joins the show to give an in-depth look at the current state of the election. She discusses voting demographics and voting behavior from different groups of voters.

However, the Washington D.C. bureau chief for American Urban Radio networks says she is not backing down to the White House or anyone else.

It hit the press that Omarosa Manigault resigned from the White House after almost a year in the Trump administration. In an interview with Michael Strahan on Good Morning America Manigault confirms that she resigned and wasn’t forcibly removed from the White House. White House correspondent April Ryan reports the opposite and says the Manigault didn’t resign […]

April Ryan recently opened up about her desire to quit as a White House correspondent after Sean Spicer belittled her in an infamous incident in March.

April Ryan, one of HB's 'Women To Know' breaks down navigating the political landscape as a Black journalist.

The veteran journalist stays winning, in spite of how the White House treats her.

Did we miss the memo that today is "National Disrespect a Black Woman Day?"

On a flight to South Africa, President Barack Obama sat down with veteran journalist April Ryan to discuss the future of Africa — on cultural,…