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According to Billboard, the Knowles girls just joined an elite group of siblings who both have number one albums.

The 6 God announced the overnight success of his new album at a Toronto release party

The struggle is realer than ever!  According to Headkrack, TMZ reported Coolio teamed up with porn site PornHub to promote a new album. Not sure how rap albums and porn are related, but listen this edition of Hip Hop Spot to hear what Coolio had to say about the alleged partnership! Click here for more music news in Hip-Hop Spot and listen […]

     When an album drops, everyone looks to the first week album sales to see whether or not the album will be an overall hit.…

When it comes to breaking records in the hip hop arena, Eminem is the man to beat. Besides selling millions of albums in a rapidly declining industry, Em is one of  two rappers to have won the Best Rap Album Grammy each time they’ve released a disc. The other person in that club is Kanye West. […]