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As the years go on, some artists leave a legacy that’s so strong it becomes followed by later musicians for inspiration in their own careers.

Most stars today will admit to crafting a career that even comes slightly close to that of the late Michael Jackson, and his sister Janet did the same for women specifically by inspiring acts like the late Aaliyah, current pop phenom Beyoncé and pretty much any Black female singer that’s since came after Miss Jackson.

’90s R&B superstar Usher grew into a certified pop star with his Diamond-certified 2004 album Confessions, and has since further developed into a respected veteran of the game. One of his most compared successors as we’ve seen time and time again is the polarizing Chris Brown.

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When not in the headlines for drama, Breezy is one of the few who embodies music, dance, Hollywood and the attention of a Black female audience in the same way that Big Ursh used to do with hit songs like “My Way,” “Burn” and “Love In This Club.” Now, it’s “WE, “No Guidance” and “Go Crazy” going, well, crazy on the charts and radio.

The conversation of a VERZUZ battle between the two, with Ne-Yo and Trey Songz also thrown in as possible options, got brought up during Usher’s recent sit-down with E!’s Daily Pop. Although he debunked the idea of an actual VERZUZ between either of the aforementioned successors, Usher did hint at the idea of a stage show with all of them sometime in the future.

“There was a flyer that was put together. It’s not official, no, we’re not doing that. But I can appreciate what I see,” he told correspondent Francesca Amiker, going on to add “Nah, there’s no Verzuz. I don’t think y’all ready for nothing like that. You might be ready for something like that on stage, maybe in the future. Stay tuned.”


While Ne-Yo and Trey definitely are great talents that also exhibit elements of Usher in their musical style, the quadruple package element is Breezy all the way. What do you think?

Take a look below at what some people on social media thought about the idea of a Usher VERZUZ Chris Brown battle, and also let your voice be heard as well:



Usher Responds To VERZUZ With Chris Brown, Ne-Yo Or Trey Songz: “Maybe In The Future”  was originally published on

1. Here’s my opinion on an Usher vs Chris Brown Verzuz: I’d say they’re on equal footing in about every aspect you can name EXCEPT hits. CB can play you 7 variations of the same song, but Usher will give you HITS from 4 different decades. Usher wins.

via @IamBigJay

2. Lol… only Chris Brown can go toe to toe with Usher. Ne-Yo and Trey Songz will be wiped out in 4 songs

via @KingArthurOG

3. Usher and Chris Brown are in 2 different lanes they are not each other’s equals! Usher had the 90’s and early 2000’s on lock! Chris Brown took over the game once Usher reached his peak!

via @Mrs_Jumpman23

4. No body beating Usher in a Verzuz (who isn’t in jail) but I still would like to see him go against Chris Brown purely for the fact that we will have 40 straight fire songs regardless of who wins.

via @habibiting

5. Looking at the catalogs, Usher not beating Chris Brown in no Verzuz man lmao we gotta be realistic

via @owTGreen

6. gotta remove yourself from people that actually think Chris Brown could beat Usher in a Versuz

via @primehob

7. Put respect on CHRIS BROWN he would run circles around usher

via @vikingsfan4234

8. Ain’t seen no bs a** “Chris Brown cookin Usher in Verzuz” tweets since the tiny desk. God finally gave you n*ggas sense

via @ItsKingsBruh

9. Usher’s Tiny Desk concert got more spin than Chris Brown’s entire album

via @Snacks4Tweets

10. Y’all are wild for putting Chris Brown, Ne-Yo, & Trey Songz in a VERZUZ with Usher it’s be Mr. Raymond Vs Justin Timberlake for years let’s settle this Fr fr

via @HakeemPrime